Francesco Rosi




Look at his photo.

What kind of films would you say he made?

Action films, maybe?

If i tell you his Italian?

He looks like the producer of slick italian comedies or white telephone films, but he was a brilliant and imaginative film director, who made two of the greatest political films of the ‘sixties.

Finally crafted, thoughtful passionate films like:

Salvatore Guiliano
Giuliano was at one point Italy’s most wanted. The film starts with his corpse in a dusty

courtyard, and the media brought in to look at it – it looks like a set-up and it is. The film dispassionately pieces together his story and how he got there – a man that was a man of the poor people, and also massacred  the poor, a partner of the mafia, a partner of the communists, and above all hugely mythologised for political purpose. The film dispassionately and objectively pieces together the political conditions that produced and shaped Salvatore Giuliano, using court reports, local people and the places events took place. It tells us much about politics and poverty in Sicily.

Hands over the City
One of my favourite films, it takes an eviscerating look at the corruption of politicians and developers in Napoli. If you ever thought business and politics was there to help the people, this film will quell such illusions.

What it says about corruption in Napoli is just as relevant in your part of the world right now.


I came to his films late, but I’m glad he existed, because his work enriched my life.