Whose identity?


May, 2020


Identity politics is ruining society. The product largely of the chattering class, and turned into a thing by students

it is driven by the individuals’s hurt feelings, and an ever expanding supermassive black hole of niche labels, there are no self definitions of class, how convenient that we are supposed to use labels that describe the minutiae of our lives, but not the one that affects the majority of oppressed people – working class.

 as we disappear into the looking glass, we can be sure that this approach to life will never make change; it will just make the labellers feel good about themselves, assuage their hurt feelings, go on demos, have “strikes” about climate change, and tell everyone to respect your little nest of niche labels which make you feel special.


This obsession with labelling inevitably leads to censorship of those people who take a different view – a rash of twitter castigations and “no platforms” for people whose body of work has opened up debate. It is telling for example, that someone like Germaine Greer, is silenced in an attempt to marginalise her opinion on trans people in much the same way as she was by the media, organs of the state and patriarchy when she wrote The Female Eunich which cogently analysed and lambasted sexism endemic in economy and society in the ‘70s.

If you believe in the strength of your arguements then test them against someone like Germaine Greer, dont just “no platform” her – have the courage of your convictions. By silencing people and censoring ideas you do not agree with, you are doing what the big state does, you are following the path to an authoritarian censorious state. Censorship does not make change in ways of seeing, debate and analysis do.


I am oppressed – as a woman – by patriarchy and by the class relations fundemental to capitalism. And dont tell me about the glass ceiling when most of us are still trying to get off the sticky floor.
How many “glass ceiling” people have had a major role in caring for affected people and containing the virus? Its the sticky floor people – low paid working class people and previously unwelcome immigrants. It is care workers, hospital workers, refuse workers, shop workers:low paid people, who have kept the country going and the citizens safer.


One of the reasons I have written this is because someone on Reddit told me I was CiS – i had heard it before, but had to google it to find out what I meant, and all I can say is – if you are so obsessed with individuals, then dont ascribe your labels to me.

I believe in the right of all people to live their lives in the way they see fit providing it doesnt take away from other people’s equal rights. Trans people have as much right to self determination as anyone, as do non-trans people who dont want restrictive definitions of their sex lives.

But dont cover the world in post-it labels – its bad for the environment.!