I am doing very well on my possibly pitiful – but undeniably earnest – new years resolution to eat at least 60% of the carrots I buy; so far this week:

Carrots bought: 3;

Carrots eaten: 3.

I’m so impressed with myself that I bought 6 more carrots today – I hope I’m not biting off more than i can chew (ouch!).

Other successful new year resolution is to get glasses: had the test, paid the cash, have the glasses, wearing the glasses.

I now see the whole world in hi-def, which is a bit alarming – many of my friends are way more wrinkled than I thought. But it is quite interesting to move from a soft-edged way of seeing to gritty realism all in one day.

New years resolutions are a lot easier when you aren’t resolving to learn Quantum Physics – I reckon I can successfully complete them all before January is out.