“My budgie doesnt like all this change”
“No – its upsetting him – he woke me up last night”
“In the middle of the night, he woke me up. I got up to calm him down, and had a cup of tea”
“I was afraid he’d wake the neighbours, and he hasn’t been at all well”
“The budgie”
“Not Joey, Mr Dawes  – something with his kidneys, so i didn’t want Joey waking him up”
“Do birds fly at night?”
“Not unless I let him out of the cage”
“not Joey, other birds. In the wild”
“Well I don’t know…I suppose in emergencies..”
“what emergencies?”
“I don’t know.. like a hole in the nest, or a cat climbing up the tree..”
“Owls fly at night – to get the mice”
“Well of course! Birds of prey. Joey would fly if I let him out of the cage”

its not verbatim but it’s a fairly faithful rendering of two women on the 529