Galileo’s Finger


MAY, 2018


Galileo spent most of his life in Florence – there is a museum dedicated to him in that beautiful city

Hard though it is to believe though, the displays Galileo’s middle finger.

It took about a hundred years for someone to snap the finger off and put it under glass.
But now there’s a 375 year old finger in its own glass dome, the unholy relic of Galileo giving the finger the the religious establishment then, is venerated like a shrine now.

Galileo of course, was the one who reluctantly took on the church establishment, and led the way out of medieval thinking with his work on the heliocentic nature of our solar system, in challenge to the church view that man and the earth were at the centre of “God’s Creation”.

Maybe the finger should have a light on the end like E.T. – works on a few levels!