I happily went for many years without eating a carrot.
It’s not that I disliked them particularly – they have a pleasingly vibrant colour for a vegetable – it’s just that they never played any part in my deliberations when cooking or planning meals.

My friend J, who is a vegetarian, eats enough carrots for both of us. And he seemed, over the years, to surreptitiously introduce carrots into my diet. For me they became like a late spring surprise: I would go to visit J at his apartment in Catalunya, and spend a week eating carrots (etc). After a couple years of resistant indulgence, I began to revel in the joy of how surprisingly pleasant-tasting and versatile carrots were.

This year, I have started buying carrots as part of my grocery shopping.

I haven’t actually got around to including them in any meals – usually they just languish in the bottom of the fridge until they resemble homeless people’s fingers, then I throw them out and buy more.
I do believe though, that a recipe including carrots might be forthcoming any day now…