Saxy Playlist


MAY, 2018


We all feel like having a saxy hour now and then, without the full-on Jazz. Here is my suggestion:

01.   Stan Getz – On Green Dolphin Street (Album: Serenity)

02.   Carmel – Bad Day (Album: Everybody’s Got a Little…Soul\)

03.   Judie Tzuke – tay With Me Till Dawn (Album: Welcome to the Cruz)

04.   The Cardigans – Celia Inside (Album: Emmerdale)

05. Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (Album: City to City)

06.   Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side (Album: Transformer)

07.   Bruce Springsteen – Born to run (Album: Born to Run)

08.   Duran Duran – Rio (Album:Rio)