Films of long warm summers
JULY, 2018
The UK is in the middle of an unlikely and persistent heatwave  temperatures are in the high twenties, when for most British summer’s, the best you can hope for is high teens.
Interestingly we cope with this unusual heat better than cold spells. Complaining about how it’s too hot to sleep, instead of how many blankets you had to put on your bed because of the chill.

My American friend wanted to know if I was having problems with my air conditioning –  hah.
When I told him air conditioning in British homes is opening or closing window, he was appalled.

But we don’t have days where we don’t come into the office because it is too dark hot. Whereas just 4 inches of snow can be the cause of school shutdowns, and working half a day. Maybe we all have an element of Seasonal Affective Disorder in our British makeup.

Anyway, with heat rising in waves off the tarmac, and  a thousand electric fans making narrow inroadd into the thick and fetid air, it’s s good time to think about a list of those films set in hot summer’s where the heat rises from the celluloid in waves.

Here is my contribution of hot summer celluloid


Bagdad cafe

The swimmer

George washington

Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble

The swimming pool

Dog day afternoon

Do the right thing

Barton fink

La piscine

Celine and Julie go boating


Picnic at hanging rock

Wake in fright

Summer of Sam

Dazed and confused

My summer of love

Little white lies

Rear window