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Recently re/watched films

Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)10/10
They came to a city 6/10
Upgrade (2018)  4/10
Midnight Cowboy (1969) 9/10
First men in the moon (1964) 5/10
Gabbeh (1996) 10/10
Ministry of Fear (1944) 7/10
Get Out (2017) 9/10
Riff Raff (1991) 7/10
The Big Combo (1955) 8/10
Untamed (2016) 6/10
Molly’s Game (2017) 6/10

Playlist - Joyous

I say a little prayer – Aretha Franklin
Finally – Ce Ce Peniston
Dont stop me now – Queen
I’m a Believer – The Monkees
I’m so excited – Pointer Sisters
Downtown – Petula Clark
Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
Geno – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Cape Cod – Vampire Weekend
Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs
1234 – Feist
Tusk – Fleetwood Mac

Recently Read

In our Mad and Furious City – Guy Gunaratne
(6/5) – READ IT!
The Fall of the Gaslit Empire – Rod Duncan (4/5)
The Last – Hannah Jameson (3/5)
The Chalk Man – CJ Tudor (3/5)
The Secret Place – Tana French (5/5)
Tana French – Harbour (5/5)
One Day – David Nicholls (4/5)
London: A Travel Guide through Time
– Matthew Green(3/5)
Hotel World – Ali Smith (5/5)
The Return – Hisham Matar (5/5)





Whose identity?

Whose identity?

Whose identity? 17 May, 2020PoliticscultureIdentity politics is ruining society. The product largely of the chattering class, and turned into a thing by studentsit is driven by the individuals’s hurt feelings, and an ever expanding supermassive black hole of niche...

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Shirley19April, 2020memory cultureI remember sparkling kind blue eyes in a narrow face, chopped muddy blond hair like she had cut it herself, and a slight frame in a coat that was much too big for her. I don’t remember her surname. It was only last week, when I bought...

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Crab exits stage right

Crab exits stage right

M is someone I have known for most of my life. She is – by instinct – fair and level headed, but she is sometimes drawn from her instincts by watching ITV evening news. If Emmerdale followed Channel 4 news, we would have a whole different ballgame, but ITV news is the one that is watched, …

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The Third Murder

The Third Murder

The director of humanist, thoughtful films, the self-titled Ken Loach of Japanese cinema,  Hirokazu Kore-eda has moved on to murder in his latest The Third Murder.
His previous work has largely been centered on broken families, and taken a child’s point of view – its no accident that Arrow Academy have released a box set of 3 of his films, entitled Family Values.

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Naked Island

Naked Island

It's a film in which for most of the hour and a half running time, we watch a man and a woman walking up and down a steep narrow path, fetching and carrying buckets of water in blistering heat, and occasionally ladling the water parsimoniously onto wilting plants. We...

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Francesco Rosi

Francesco Rosi

Look at his photo.
What kind of films would you say he made?
Action films, maybe?
If i tell you his Italian?

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Another Year

Another Year

I am at the Lighthouse waiting to go and see Mike Leigh's Another Year, its hard to believe (and somewhat ironic) that I haven't been here in a year, - my last outing was to Haneke's White Ribbon. Someone asked me if "the Mike Leigh film" is an action film. I think...

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Angela Davis

I think the importance of doing activist work
is precisely because it allows you to give back
and to consider yourself not as a single individual
who may have achieved whatever
but to be a part of an ongoing historical movement.

angela davis

Maya Angelou

If you’re always trying

to be normal

you will never know how

amazing you can be

Maya Angelou

About Me….


I am middle aged – there, Ive said it.
And since I dont want to make baskets, pottery or other crafts I have decided on a website.
As its mine I can write about things I think (occasionally rants), things I saw or heard that interest me, and photos I have taken that are of varying quality.
My camera feels much heavier than it used to.
I am finally out of sync with contemporary music, alt.culture language, urban slang, and pop-tv – which explains my time-warp playlists.
I find myself having reactionary reflexive responses to noise and litter, and I still think the ‘seventies was a great decade

I work in the voluntary sector on disability related issues.
My desk is like a model for a theatre of war, I tell everyone that I know exactly where everything is, but that may be a wish rather than a fact.
The window from my office to the outside world has bars on it – I dont know if that is because my colleagues and I are a precious resource, or its to keep outside safe.